Q.Who can use has to be china?

A. If you’re a Tour Operator in Europe looking to offer or expand your range of tours to China, we’re excited to speak to you and to open a partnership.

Q.why don’t you offer your services to customers?

A. We’d like to build a network of fellow operators committed to quality, luxury travel that offers authentic experiences. Customers having an amazing China experience is our ultimate priority, and we believe in collaboration to make that happen for as many people as possible.

Q.we’re interested in finding out more; what should we do?

A.We can’t wait to hear from you! Email us and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can.

Q.how do your bespoke china tours work?

A.Our team has 17 branches across China, a vast network of amenities and a dedicated team of experts. For any Tour Operators looking to create unique tours, we’ll work closely with you to deliver something special, using all of our knowledge and experience.

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