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By 2030 China is expected to be the most visited country ON THE PLANET. But a land with such rich history and profound culture deserves more than a surface glance. With social media and digital platforms, people are able to see more and more of places, through different eyes and in different styles. Creator’s Pod for China wants to harness that power to showcase ALL of China and the endless stories it has to tell. That’s where you come in; your platforms are a gateway to new audiences. Through greater engagement with China in the digital world, we want to drive more meaningful engagement in the real one. We want to pair you up with brands and tourism boards whose aims are aligned with yours – be that through a push to celebrate a regional food scene, launch an outdoor adventure product or generally raise the profile of a region through authentic engagement with its people and attractions.

Pod Benefits



Has To Be China are experts in all things China tourism, with a vast and varied network across China. We’ve organised FAM Trips, Press Trips and more before the Creators’ Pod For China, and we’re actively involved in regular trips to China to develop new tourism products with our clients and partners.


What the Pod will enable us to do is to share our knowledge, expertise and access directly with YOU, giving you the opportunity to explore regions of China for yourself. The Pod will allow for you and our growing list of partners across China to grow together, to boost awareness of China’s unparalleled tourism offerings and to showcase to the world the historic culture that makes China so special.

    • You will be able to visit China via FAM trips and Press Trips specifically for members of CPFC


    • You will be able to participate in themed visits that expressly prioritise YOUR area of expertise, such as through family-travel trips, nature and outdoor trips and many more


    • You will be able to create content in some of China’s most unique and undiscovered regions with the access only CPFC has


    • You will be able to participate in some of the colourful and lively festivals and events across China, all steeped in thousands of years of tradition and history, through visits for CPFC members to put these events in the global spotlight



We are based in Bristol, UK, it’s not just in China that you’ll be able to reap the benefits of the Creators’ Pod for China. We regularly organise, host or support China culture and tourism events across the UK and Europe, with recent successful events held in Dusseldorf, London and our home city of Bristol.


Our dynamic events bring a little bit of China to the host city, through cultural performances, authentic Chinese experiences and vivid illustration of what China and its diverse regions has to offer. We often support the visits of Chinese tourism board delegates, therefore these events are something we want to involve you in too. There’s no substitute for face to face introductions.

    • CPFC members will be invited to our events, giving you the chance to meet and network with tourism boards from across China’s provinces and regions, and the wider travel industry


    • We want to hear your voice! We want our members to actively contribute to our events, sharing your stories, experiences and tips to bring a new angle and perspective to our audiences


    • You will be invited to our partners’ events too, which cover some of the most exciting China-related culture and tourism events in the calendar and will give you the chance to participate, network and create fun, interesting content

'The scenery is stunning, and I had my first taste of feeling like a minor celebrity! I had heard that some people visiting the park may rarely have, if ever, seen a westerner in person before and that I may be asked to pose for photos. I was, and I loved it. It was an excellent opportunity to talk to people even when we didn’t speak each other’s languages. (..) When we travel, we are ambassadors for our own country, after all.'

Kathryn Burrington Travel Photographer and Blogger

'For something even more spectacular you have to drive an hour north to Yuanjiajie. This is the landscape that inspired the scenes in Avatar. In the early morning, jagged quartzite-sandstone pinnacles, covered in pine trees, atmospherically rise out of the mist against a backdrop of higher mountains. They’re images straight out of classic Chinese paintings, but get there early before the crowds.'

Rupert Parker Travel Writer and Photographer

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Programme FAQ

Q/ How do I find out about available trips?

We are sending out information on upcoming trips, events and opportunities through our newsletters. Just drop your name and email address in the sign-up form and stay up to date! More information will be provided on our Social Channels and on this platform.


Q/ Which destinations do you offer?

Has to be China enjoys a vast network of partners in China such as Tourism Boards, local authorities and airlines to only name a few. Together, we design the ultimate itinerary for you to discover the hot spots AND a side of China only known to the locals. Long story short: A trip can be anywhere in China, just keep in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter and find out more on our social media channels.


Q/ Will I go on a solo trip or in a group?

The trips we offer are based on group travel. Our experience has shown that the best trips to China are with exciting, like-minded people as well as locals to show you the real China. And “gan bei”-ing (Chinese way to say Cheers) is just more fun with a couple of inspiring people around you!


Q/ What do you expect from me in return?

Has to be China offers a variety of trips. There is no pattern of the set-up, requirements or benefits. At the moment we offer FAM trips, Themed Visits (outdoor, family etc.), Campaign Facilitation and Promotional Events. That being said, we are constantly updating our offers which will be announced  in our newsletters. Hence it makes sense for you to keep an eye on our emails if you don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity!

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