About us

Tours for a modern china

Has To Be China is an inbound tour operator with over 15 years of experience, and we want to work with European Tour Operators and Travel Agents to help you provide fresh, innovative and experience-driven China travel products to your customers. We have an office in the UK as well as our vast network across China, an advantage that eases communication and gives you the chance to offer superior value to your customers. We’re driven by authentic and meaningful experiences in the wonderfully diverse land of China. A true travel experience only comes when we are surrounded by the tastes, smells, sounds and sights of a place, which leaves behind living, breathing memories enriched by the knowledge gleaned from up-close encounters and interactions. It is this journey that makes getting out there and living things for ourselves so special, and what inspires us here at Has to be China. We believe that for China to be understood it must live and breath around you. It is full of wonder, natural and human-made, but it is no museum. It’s a fast-paced, ever-changing kaleidoscope of human stories, progress and ingenuity striding forward at a rate unparalleled anywhere else in the World. This is what makes China such a truly exciting place, and this is what we want to help you showcase to your customers.


Our values

Quality- luxury china experience

Since 2003 Has To Be China has delivered high-end packages and bespoke trips with care, luxury and humanity at their heart. We’ve worked closely to make sure Has to be China offers you this level of care at every step of the journey, from our collaboration with you to the experience of your customers. Since we started we’ve also listened to our clients and customers, and we’ve heard what matters to you. Whether a day is spent observing the jaw-dropping beauty of China’s great outdoors or engaging with locals in the hum of a thriving and awesome city, we’ll make sure our guides satiate guests’ thirst for knowledge, our restaurants satisfy their hunger for varied and delightful cuisine, and our hotels anchor them with a sense of belonging and restfulness.


Authenticity- unique tour ethos

For some, authenticity is about going where few have been before. For others, it is engaging in activities particular to where you are. For us, it is all of this and more. Getting a true sense of authenticity is difficult when you’ve only got 12 days, and 2 hours of cultural exchange along the way can’t possibly give a 3D sense of what is authentic. That is why we try to impart authenticity into every aspect of our products, from early morning high-speed transport to much needed night time rest. For decades travellers have enjoyed a luxury tour in the glitz and glamour of lavish and often Western hotels. But modern China is alive and kicking with a new aesthetic and new set of beliefs when it comes to hospitality. In this new China, luxury is clean, natural, harmonious and simple in its beauty. Where available, we prioritise nights in these stunning symbols of a bold and forward facing China, and in the process allow guests to live and breathe real China even as they sleep.


Expertise- comprehensive guided tours

Our team has long-established networks right across China, so our knowledge and expertise is deep and rich. With many domestic accolades under our belt, we’ve cemented ourselves as one of the premium tour operators in China for the South East and East Asian markets, with knowledge and humanity as the driving force of our tours. Our tour guides pride themselves on their colourful and far reaching arsenal of information and will help unfreeze the history before guests and unpack the thrilling future ahead. We’ll also be able to showcase what the too-often-overlooked province of Hunan has to offer, from the cutting edge city of Changsha to the surreal and other-worldly beauty of Zhangjiajie. With our network and knowledge, your customers will have China experiences that live long in the mind.


Why choose us?

Bespoke options•accessible service and communication•value for customers

Our goal at Has To Be China is simple: we want to give you more and better options for your customer base, through the provision of classic and contemporary China travel products, and through collaborations with you to create bespoke itineraries to suit your customer needs. In having an office in Bristol, UK, we’re in a position to meet you face to face or to speak on the phone whenever you need us, and ensure we can have the level of communication required to get the very best results for you and your customers. Due to our prior experience in other markets, our vast and knowledgeable network, and our set-up in both China and the UK, we’re confident that we can offer you quality products that also reflect better value. As fellow professionals, we’re excited by the idea of working together with you and your ideas, to create both routes and products you know your customer base will love, and products that meet the demands of future generations.