Ancient Spirit of Yunnan Tour

UNESCO sites & 270 million year old rocks

Yunnan, in the south of China, is a spectacular Province worthy of a tour all to itself. With ancient history, distinct culture and gorgeous views, Yunnan has it all.

duration:: 12 Days
focus: Discovery & Wonder
style: Guided & Free Time



Due to its long connection with the Tea Horse Road and its diversity of ethnic groups, Yunnan province is alive with cultural intrigue and difference. This tour gives you the amazing chance to encounter this face to face.


270 million year old rocks. One of the world’s deepest gorges. Imposing mountains. Vast fresh lakes. If these alone doesn’t make a trip to Yunnan worthwhile then we don’t know what does.


Yunnan is famous for its ancient mountainous villages, many of which are beautifully preserved and some of which are UNESCO listed. It’s a province alive with rich and thought provoking history.

Ancient Spirit of Yunnan Tour Overview

Fly / Kunming

Begin your trip in the ancient and charming city of Kunming, also known as the ‘City of Eternal Spring’. A modern city awash with ancient architecture, Kunming is the ideal place to get started in Yunnan.

Shilin (Stone Forest)

Feel the sheer power of time itself at this magnificent karst forest, which is a mind-achingly boggling 270 million years old. You’ll hear about local legends through the ages as you walk among the maze of pillars.

Dali, Cangshan, Erhai

Fly to the enchanting ancient city of Dali, instantly recognisable for its three striking pagodas. Visit the breathtaking Cangshan Mountain before looking out across Erhai, one of the biggest fresh water lakes in China.

Xizhou Folk House and Zhoucheng Tie-dye

A real hands on day experiencing ancient and traditional crafts. Try embroidering or wax dying, before visiting the home of the Bai people’s 1000 year old tradition of tie-dying- Zhoucheng.

Shaxi Ancient Town

Shaxi is an immaculately preserved town with a history of around 1300 years. Built along the old Tea Horse Road, this former trading point is now a thought provoking window into that old world.


Another important historical stop on the ancient Tea Horse Road, Lijiang is one of Yunnan’s prize attractions. Its 800 year old Old Town, a marvel of architecture and ingenuity, is UNESCO listed.

Heilongjian Tan, Shuhe Ancient Town

Heilongjian, or Black Dragon Pool, is a picture perfect spot surrounded by crisp water and powerful mountains. Follow that up with a visit to Shuhe Ancient Town, one of the Naxi people’s earliest settlements.

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Known and cherished by the global hiking community, Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the word’s deepest gorges, is a formidable and astonishing natural wonder that’s just as worthwhile for day-trippers.

Shangri-la & Flying Home

Visit the famous city of Shangri-la high in the mountains, taking in the historical old town and the spectacular lakes. This is the final stop in Yunnan before heading back home.


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