Walking Colourful Guizhou

incredible outdoors

This active and action-packed tour explores the ancient paths and astounding scenery of China’s south-western Guizhou Province.

duration:: 12 days
focus: Active & Outdoor
style: Guided & Free Time



Guizhou is spoilt for impressive and varied scenery, and beautiful mountainous villages. The only way to truly experience all this is to get out there on foot and see it up close. This tour is packed with incredible outdoor visits and, of course, photo opportunities.


Human-made wonders are common in Guizhou, complemented and indeed enhanced by the sheer array of natural difference and beauty that surrounds. The ecologically rich Fanjingshan area is home to 19 threatened animal species and 31 endangered plants.


48 different minority groups call Guizhou home, making it a special place to experience traditional customs and reflect on alternatives ways of living. This package offers respectful interaction and exchange, and as is always the case in China, spectacular hospitality.

Walking Colourful Guizhou Tour Overview

Fly / Guiyang

Settle in and explore Guiyang, the beautiful Ming era capital city of Guizhou Province. With both a modern side and a host of ancient temples and sites, Guiyang is the perfect place to get a taste for China.

Libo County

Travel to Libo County to soak in the stunning Xiaoqikong Scenic Area. Visit the famous and utterly charming seven arched Xiaoqikong Bridge, built in 1835, surrounded by luscious forest and pearly blue water.

Zhaoxing Dong Village

Zhaoxing is one of Guizhou’s oldest Dong minority villages, and therefore boasts a staggering number of wooden-stilt houses to admire. Picturesque and surrounded by gorgeous scenery, Zhaoxing is a village unlike anything you’ll have seen before.

Tangan Ancient Path

Visit another ancient village, Tangan, and take the breathtaking ancient path that shows off the 700 year history of the area. Dramatic rice terraces and fresh, drinkable running water make this place feel like a true escape.


Visit one of China’s most recently awarded UNESCO World Heritage sites- the sublime Fanjingshan (Fanjing Mountain). Reach the summit and look out across one of the most bio-diverse regions in China.

Kongbai Village

Located high in the mountains, Kongbai is known as ‘The Last Silversmith Miao Village’. As you explore this incredible village you’ll be accompanied by the enchanting sounds of the Miao people working silver.

Miao Experience and Anshun City

Experience a local ceremonious greeting and performance, and try your hand at Miao culture embroidering. Then travel to the city of Anshun to rest and relax before tomorrow’s scenic treat.

Huangguoshu Scenic Spot

On day 9, see, feel and hear the biggest waterfall in Asia, the 243 ft high Huangguoshu Waterfall. The area is surrounded by smaller waterfalls, giving you the feeling of being on another planet.

Zhijin Cave/ Travel Home

Discover Zhijin caves, a dazzling network of karst structures as dramatic and impressive as it comes, before saying goodbye to Guizhou and making your way back home.


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